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Testing the Former Landfill

A portion of the North 40 was leased from Wellesley College and used by the Town of Wellesley from 1955 through 1960 as a municipal landfill.


ASTM PHASE I ENVIRONMENTAL SITE ASSESSMENT NORTH 40 - Haley & Aldrich: By 2006 the subject site is completely wooded with the exception of the community gardens and a small landscaped area around the on-site residence.


See more environmental reports on the Town of Wellesley North 40 Site Assessment Information Page.

Land Use Ideas from Public Visioning Sessions Leading up to Purchase

Purchase and Sale Agreement Between Wellesley College and Town of Wellesley

Article 6 Permitted Exceptions: Future Development Conditions

6.02 (a.) The Buyer will maintain in perpetuity no less than fifty percent (50%) of the total Property area as open space, which may include playing fields, wooded areas, paths and trails and other active and/or passive recreational areas and facilities. For the purposes hereof, the term “open space” may also include conservation land, forested land, recreation land, agriculture land, corridor parks and amenities such as small parks, green buffers along roadways, undeveloped land with particular conservation or recreation interest, or any open area that is owned by an agency or organization dedicated to conservation. Without limiting the foregoing, that portion of the Property that lies between Route 135 and the Cochituate Aqueduct (as each of the same currently exists) will remain in a wooded and natural condition, provided that this requirement will not be deemed to restrict periodic clearing of invasive vegetation and other care and maintenance measures that are consistent with sound forestry management practices;


(Note: The six acres located between Route 135 and the aqueduct will count towards the 50% open space requirement. Note also that open space can mean playing fields, and facilities to support the fields, such as bathrooms and parking lots.)

What's going on at the North 40?

Residents who regularly visit the North 40 – and specifically, the part that was once a dump site – have noticed town employees in the area and heard rumors that trees are going to be removed. Read more...

Vernal Pool Cleanup

Thanks to all of the volunteers who help to maintain this important resource area. Learn more and see photos.

(Spotted Salamander photo courtesy of Joy Marzolf)

Weston Road Gardens will soon be in bloom and bounty! Have a look.

There's even a video:


Wellesley Selectman Barbara Searle and Wellesley College's Ben Hammond sign closing papers. Photo courtesy of Wellesley Townsman

Thank you!

Over 500 People Explored the North 40!

Raptors, Goats and You!

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.

Frank Lloyd Wright

NRC's 10 Reasons to Preserve North 40
NRC N40 10 Reasons.pdf
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